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      Michael’s notgames essay “A plea for openness” is published in the Independence Amazing news zine that was being given away at the IndieMegaBooth during Gamescom.

      Read the whole newspaper here:

      or just read our essay here:

      "Everybody wants to visit our worlds, to interact with our characters, to play a role in our stories." (via


      From twitter follower @auiriea.

      I just wanted to say that without what YOU all do with this knowledge and these images, what *I* do becomes meaningless. Every day I am awed by and grateful for those of you who are also fighting your corners, spreading knowledge, and pushing for more representation in your respective fields of expertise.

      Please never doubt that you are making a difference. Our present is helping to shape the past, and our future as well. Thank you.

      Sunset est un jeu vidéo narratif à la première personne situé dans un immense appartement d’une ville fictive d’Amérique du Sud, à l’aube des années 70. Vous incarnez Angela Burns, une domestique. Toutes les semaines, une heure avant le coucher de soleil, vous vous rendez dans la très chic garçonnière de Gabriel Ortega pour y faire le ménage. L’envie de mettre votre nez dans ses affaires devient irrésistible. Découvrant qui est réellement votre mystérieux employeur, vous serez entrainée dans un complot rebelle visant à déposer un tristement célèbre dictateur, Generalísimo Ricardo Miraflores. (in French to commemorate Bastille Day, the beginning of the French Revolution on the 14 July 1789, thanks to David Calvo)

      And now, in Flemish:

      Sunset is een verhaal-gedreven eerstepersoonsvideospelleke dat helemaal plaatsvindt in één appartement in een denkbeeldige Zuid-Amerikaanse stad in het begin van de jaren zeventig. Ge speelt als een kuisvrouw die Angela Burnes noemt. Elke week, om een uur voor zonsondergang, bezoekt ge de chique vrijgezellenflat van Gabriel Ortega. Ge krijgt een aantal werkskes om te doen, maar de verleiding om door zijn spullen te rommelen is onweerstaanbaar. Terwijl ge uw mysterieuze werkgever beter leert kennen, wordt ge opgezogen in een rebels plot tegen de notoire dictator Generalísimo Ricardo Miraflores.

      Today is Argentina’s Independence Day. To honor the occasion, here’s the description of Sunset in Spanish (thanks to Agustín Cordes):

      Sunset es un videojuego narrativo en primera persona que transcurre en un único apartamento en una ciudad sudamericana ficticia durante la década de 1970. Asumes el rol de un ama de casa llamada Angela Burnes. Cada semana, una hora antes de la puesta del sol, visitas el ostentoso apartamento de soltero de Gabriel Ortega. Se te da una serie de tareas para hacer, pero la tentación de revisar sus cosas es irresistible. A medida que vas conociendo mejor a tu misterioso empleador, te ves atrapada en una conspiración rebelde contra el notorio dictador Generalísimo Ricardo Miraflores.

      Our videogame, Bientôt l’été, will be playable in an intriguing art exhibition in Berlin called: Schwindel der Wirklichkeit (Vertigo of Reality). Other games included in this wide-ranging, forward-thinking, show are by creators such as Alexander Bruce and Molleindustria. The interesting roster of fine artists include Bruce Nauman, Olafur Eliasson, Tino Sehgal, Lynn Hershman Leeson and Bill Viola. We really wish we could go see this one! From the website:

      "The exhibition presents artistic strategies and methods of working which focus on the viewer’s perception. The artwork materialises only in and through the viewers themselves. Current developments in game art here stand within a tradition of artistic explorations beginning in the 1960s, in particular closed circuit video installations as well as performances, participation projects, films, photographic works and mirror objects."

      We’re trying to get to $50,000 on Kickstarter so we can put an animated 3D model of the player character Angela Burnes into our new first person game Sunset, create more concept art and work with a great programmer.

      Here’s the press release:

      Ghent, Belgium, 26 June 2014

      Less than 10 days into the crowdsourcing campaign, Tale of Tales’ new videogame Sunset has already raised over 150% of its target. The Belgian indie studio is hoping that support from the community can push that to 200%. They explain how the additional funds will improve the game on their Kickstarter page.

      A crucial element in all of Tale of Tales’ titles but especially in Sunset is the character that the player embodies. In Sunset you play Angela Burnes, an African American woman. The fact that Angela represents a minority of gamers is key to Tale of Tales’ unusual choice.

      "Videogames are tools that help us see the world with different eyes," according to designers Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn. "Playing as a character unlike yourself is enriching. It satisfies a natural curiosity. And we hope that for Black players and for women, playing somebody who is similar to them can feel empowering."

      The stretch goal of $50,000 centers around the presentation of Miss Angela Burnes. Harvey and Samyn want to expand on her narrative in collaboration the anonymous writer behind the project, as well as create her 3D incarnation animated by Laura Raines Smith, Tale of Tales’ de facto third member, who has previously given life to Ruby and her sisters in The Path, dancing Salome in Fatale, the old lady in The Graveyard, the romantic beach walkers in Bientôt l’été and even the magical deer in The Endless Forest.

      Next to the representation in the game world of the player character, the additional pledges would be invested in a second programmer, Jurie Horneman, and extra art by Stacey Diana Clark, who had already joined Tale of Tales during the production of The Path.

      "We’re used to creating games with ultra-narrow scopes," explain Harvey and Samyn, "simply because budgets for the sort of design we want to do are scarce. We had not expected the crowdsourcing campaign to go as well as it did and had set the target on the minimum amount we still needed to finish Sunset. We’re extremely excited that we will now be able to make the game more beautiful, more immersive and more technically sound!"

      Sunset is being developed at Tale of Tales by an international team that is already the biggest on any of Tale of Tales’ productions. The team consists of Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn, Austin Wintory (music), Kris Force (sound), Leigh Alexander and Ste Curran (Agency consultancy), Theresa Schlag and Niklas Roth (modeling), Tina Marie Murray (voice acting), Stacey Diana Clark (concept art) and an anonymous writer, known publicly only as Señor X. If the stretch goal is achieved, the group will be expanded with Laura Raines Smith (animation) and Jurie Horneman (programming).

      altairattorney asked: As a Journey fan, I discovered you thanks to Austin's Facebook page, and I can't wait to see more of your works and fund Sunset! Thank you for your creativity and your excellent standards!

      Thanks! Welcome to our little world. We are good friends with Thatgamecompany! We consider each other sister studios.