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      But Luxuria Superbia is inspired by “everyday sex”, the sex we all have, as people, with each other. It’s nothing special, but it is. And very importantly, it’s something we all share, across genders, across cultures, across ages, across ideologies. As such it’s extremely important. The world is in desperate need of more connections when many forces are trying to pull us apart.

      We have begun production of a new videogame for PC, Mac and Linux, scheduled for release next year.

      Sunset is a first­-person exploration of a single penthouse apartment in a fictional tropical republic suffering under an oppressive regime. Set in the early 1970’s, the player, a housekeeper, visits week­ by­ week and slowly discovers the role of the apartment’s eccentric occupant in the civil war — and her own role in his life — as the city erupts around them.

      The former philanthropist has been living a secluded life after a military coup had stifled the arts and culture that once aroused his passions. The thoughtful attention of his housekeeper awakens a new love for his country and his people in him. But the ruthless government will not be defeated with a velvet glove. Maybe she can convince him to join the violent resistance movement that terrorizes the capital.

      Against the sunset-lit backdrop of a war-torn metropolis, two hearts meet in a fast-paced thriller. Your investigation of a person’s belongings creates a level of intimacy never far away from romance. It is up to you, however, to decide how the relationship evolves. Will you be a lover? A fighter? A friend or a traitor?

      "It’s like a shooter game where you are not the hero but one of the people in the background. And also that is how it feels to live in the world today, surrounded by the evidence of war but most of us not feeling a part of it. The game contains both empathy and apathy. But also a feeling of being caught up in a struggle bigger than your day to day life."

      Sunset is the second biggest project Tale of Tales has been involved in (after The Path) but is still being produced with a very small team: Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn design, model and program; Kris Force is in charge of sound design; Agency, Leigh Alexander and Ste Curran's new game development consultancy, are advising on the project direction and an anonymous author is helping with the story. Last but not least, Austin Wintory is composing the music for Sunset.

      Partial production funding has been acquired from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, that has supported most of Tale of Tales games in the past.

      In case you’re wondering, next to Sunset, we are preparing two other productions: The Book of 8, a re-imagination of our very first design based on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale and An empty World, a collaboration with Jessica Curry and Vicki Wong.

      Both Auriea and Michaël will be available for the curious at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco where we are presenting our Nuovo Award nominated Luxuria Superbia in the Independent Games Festival pavilion and an early prototype for that game in the Experimental Gameplay Workshop.

      More details on

      At the Experimental Gameplay Workshop during GDC we will present "The Cosmos and The Cave", a playable prototype from 2011, which lead to our (IGF Nuovo Award nominated) videogame release Luxuria Superbia. This prototype was the result of our year-long cncntrc research project into the intersections of sensuality, spirituality and gaming. We hope to make more games based on this research in the coming years.

      We’ve shown some images of this… And if you got the Experiments and Prototypes bundle we offered last December, you have it. But not many have played it, and fewer understand it! So, if you want to go deeper, come and see this session at GDC!

      We’ve always embraced femininity in our games. We like femininity! For the obvious reason that one of us is a female. But also because the other one, the male, is very interested in females. So we like exploring the female gaze, the feminine side of things. If only because it is not the dominant force in human organization and we’re not too fond of the results of this dominance. But mostly, probably, for aesthetic reasons. Beauty, as always, is everything.

      Special costumes made to celebrate Carnival & Mardi Gras! Designed by players in The Endless Forest Community!

      Endless Forest players are a talented and creative bunch. Just look at The Endless Forest Community and you will see a lively place where ideas and fantasy are shared and enjoyed. When it came time in 2013 to come up with a few new designs we again asked the community what they would like to see and along with our summer intern Margo chose these 3 new costumes to make and add to the game for the holiday!

      Download and play The Endless Forest for free.

      Vanavond spreek ik twee uur lang in het Nederlands terwijl ik onze games speel op groot scherm in Maastricht, als opener voor het semarie over “het medium film buiten de grenzen van zijn klassieke biotoop” van de MAD-faculty, Made in Europe en CineSud.

      Cinema Lumière, Boogaardenstraat 40b, Maastricht.
      Donderdag 20 februari, 20.00 – 22.00

      The update to Fatale is now available on Steam as well.
      This update includes a build for Linux, an update for Mac OS X Mavericks and a beautiful narrative overlay we hope will add to your enjoyment of the game.

      To run the game on Mavericks or Mountain Lion, please disable “Steam Community In-Game” in the game’s properties.

      The Graveyard version 1.1 is now available on Steam as well. This update includes a build for Linux and an update for Mac OS X Mavericks.

      To run the game on Mavericks or Mountain Lion, please disable “Steam Community In-Game” in the game’s properties.

      Luxuria Superbia is part of this week’s Humble Weekly Sale that celebrates IndieCade, the festival that has featured each and every one of our games! The bundle includes several more extremely nice titles by other IndieCade finalists: And Yet It Moves, The Dream Machine, Dear Esther, The Bridge & 7 Grand Steps. And a bunch of soundtracks.
      A wonderful package that belongs in the collection of every discerning videogames lover!